We are jewellers providing high quality training content to jewellers. All our courses are based on real projects for real customers, no fancy marketing models. As we do not have agreements with companies we are able to provide independent advice to our students.

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“I am three videos in and I can tell that your videos are going to change the game for me. I've already learned a lot of basic skills I should have known before the projects I've already done. I've been looking for something like this and I'm really happy I found your site. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.”

— Timothy Falls
“Before joining this course. I studied Matrix 8 for a long time. But I can't master the tool in Matrix 8. But since I joined this course I have done a lot of products. The way he teaches is very professional and he teaches with his experiences and tips, fixes bugs and has a quick way to do it. He was very friendly when I asked him the questions he was willing to answer in a few hours. and even have the video tutorials on demand, it's great. After taking this course, I have better thinking about jewelry design. Everything he teaches is great, I'm really impressed by the first introduction of the course he said: "I do this because I like teaching, because it makes sense to me, simple as that." Thank you, Joan Codina, very much. I hope he will add more awesome videos, especially with more video tutorials on Main Menu -> Gem. Wish Joan Codina everything good..”

— Khôi Nguyễn Hoàng
“This is the second course I have done of Joan’s as the last one was so good I came back. Because he runs his own jewellery company it is industry-based with real practice advice!! I have seen a big difference in my renders and finally have got the results I am happy to show my clients. This course again offered some important tips and ideas that are immensely valuable to me. Can’t wait for any upcoming courses..”

— Mirko
This is my first course here, and it's worth every money I spend. the Instructor is very friendly. He gives videos in demand sometimes. the answer your every question. I have learned a lot about Matrix Basics which you can use in Rhino too. You dont need to have matrix 8.0 or 9.0 to learn from this course. The instructor made it sure every person can learn from it. I recently upgraded from Matrix 6.0 to 8.0. Newer is better but this course won't restrict you to use upgraded software. 

- Saad Farooq


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